FAQ: BioSynther

A Customized Biosynthetic Potential Explorer


One of the most promising applications of biosynthetic methods is to produce chemical products of high value from the ready-made chemicals. To explore the biosynthetic potentials of a chemical as a synthesis precursor, biosynthetic database and related informatics tools are urgently needed. In the present work, a web-based tool, BioSynther, is developed to explore the biosynthetic potentials of precursor chemicals using BKM-react, Rhea, and more than 50,000 in-house RxnFinder reactions manually curated from about 120 thousand literature. BioSynther allows researchers to explore biosynthetic potentials step by step interactively, which could be used as a useful tool in metabolic engineering.

Explanation of Options:

From this molecule: explore from the molecule(as a start molecule)
To this molecule: explore those compounds which synthesis the specified compound(as a target molecule)
1. Tree:

2. Circle:

3. Plain: