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ChemHub is a comprehensive database for selecting biosynthetic target molecules based on compound functions.

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The functions of the chemicals include medicines, drug-like compounds, drug-like compounds, food chemicals, agrochemicals, industrial chemicals, pharmaceutical intermediates, and medicine-related chemicals.

Related databases

The DrugBank database is a unique bioinformatics and cheminformatics resource that combines detailed drug data with comprehensive drug target information.
BindingDB is a public, web-accessible database of measured binding affinities, focusing chiefly on the interactions of protein considered to be drug-targets with small, drug-like molecules. BindingDB contains 1,901,213 binding data, for 7,581 protein targets and 843,550 small molecules.
The Pharmacogenomics Knowledgebase (PharmGKB) is a publicly available, online knowledgebase responsible for the aggregation, curation, integration and dissemination of knowledge regarding the impact of human genetic variation on drug response.
A comprehensive bioinformatics knowledge-base for food additive chemicals.

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