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PrecursorFinder: We present PrecursorFinder, a state-of-the-art computational tool that explores biosynthetic precursors for the query target molecules using chemical structure, similarity as well as MCS (maximum common substructure). This platform comprises more than 60,000 biosynthesized compounds for being promising precursors, which are extracted from >500,000 scientific literatures and manually curated by more than 100 people over the past 8 years, the PrecursorFinder could speed up the process of biosynthesis research and make synthetic biology or metabolic engineering more efficient.

Please cite: Le Yuan, Yu Tian, Shaozhen Ding, et al. PrecursorFinder: a customized biosynthetic precursor explorer[J]. Bioinformatics, 2019, 35(9):1603-1604.