Chassis-centered Biosynthetic Pathway Design

Chassis-centered pathway design using more than 70 cell strains and more than 300,000 reactions to design pathways for biosynthetic target molecules.

Graph-based Biosynthetic Pathway Design

Graph theory-based pathway design using more than 60,000 metabolites and more than 300,000 reaction edges to search pathways from starting molecule to target molecule.

Retro-biosynthesis Pathway Design

Reaction rule-based retro-biosynthesis pathway design using more than 8,000 reaction rules.

AI-aided biosynthesis Pathway Design

Biosynthesis pathway design using artificial intelligence models for selecting/ranking pathways by multiple objective function analysis.

Enzyme Discovery

Enzyme discovery using chemical structure transformations. Protein function annotation using protein sequences and consensus models. Transcriptome analysis for discovering genes with specific catalytic functions.

One-stop biosynthesis design services

Global research networking analysis for specific molecules, authors, and chemical scaffolds. High-value biosynthetic molecule potentials using large-volume chemicals and chemical transformations. Genome analysis for metabolic network construction. Enzyme design using molecular modeling methods.

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